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My name is Todd. For a number of years I have had the privilage of being Santa for a few select friends on Christmas Eve. Then Ellie Boldman Hill, of Ellie Blue’s (former director of the Pov and now a representative in the Montana legislature) asked me to be Santa at her shop. What a rewarding experience that was.

I think that, especially in this day and age that believing in Santa Claus offers a needed magical touch. In this day of reality TV having a hint of magic brings joy to old and young alike.

When I would go to friends homes on Christmas eve, you could feel that it was a night when wishes can come true and children of all ages have gleams in their eyes, smiles on their faces, and magic in the air because Santa Claus had been there. “Believing” and “Children” are what make Santa Claus real.

When I was young, my dear mother loved to decorate christmas trees. I mean not just one or two but about a half dozen trees, each with a different theme. It turned out to be a family tradition. This is maybe where my root desire to be Santa Claus came from.

Now that I have a real beard and a round tummy I can carry on that tradition of bringing Christmas to all those around me. I know it has brought joy to many, many children and their parents so I wanted to allow more people to experience having a real beard Santa for themselves.

I would be happy to speak with you about your next Christmas party here in Missoula.

Please contact me 406-240-7692

Happy Holidays To You & Yours

Todd C. Kaye



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